AI OCR by Typless: Future of Data Extraction

Type away your data extraction hassles

AI OCR by Typless is a brand new consumer-oriented data extraction tool for developers. Combining the best from auto-machine learning and AI technology, Typless API can accurately and reliably extract data from invoices. Its unique algorithm can learn from your existing data source from day one. Thanks to continuous learning, it is getting better every day you use it. And what’s best – it comes with a super-easy single API call setup.

AI OCR for developers who are implementing invoice solutions into their systems

Typless is made to suit your needs, whether you are ERP, DMS, WMS, or any other business. Typless AI OCR API was developed for smart booking, invoicing, DMS and ERP solution developers who would like to save their clients time and money by automating data extraction from invoices. Having worked with local industry leaders, where the team has learned to serve the most demanding needs of largest local accounting companies and bookkeeping software providers (Unija accounting with more than 1000 business clients, E-Računi, Datalab – Pantheon with over 60,000 licences sold to businesses etc.), the algorithms became excellent at recognising different types of invoices and accurately extracting data to fit in different software solutions.

The second layer of value-added to the solution is the ease of use. Our team understands that the best solution for developers is the one that does not waste their time with integration. With that in mind, we simplified the onboarding process and API to the best of our abilities.

  • Capture an invoice file – from a camera, email, or scanner. Upload it to the data extraction endpoint to receive its data + sample data available.
  • No signup & credit card required to test the solution & no weird “onboarding emails”.
  • Typless automatically scales to meet your needs, whether you process 10 or 10,000,000 documents per month.
    • 50 documents a month FREE option for micro users
    • Very accessible pricing – starts at €0.065 per document – compare that with the cost of data entry if you would like to comprehend the cost of alternative.
  • Access to well-written documentation, SDK for solution and support from developers of the solution when you need it.
  • Onboarding of new clients (with pre-learning included) can be automated by developers through an API.

See Typless in action, it only takes 5 minutes to set it up.

Pre-learning AI OCR algorithm is the secret sauce of data extraction accuracy and reliability

CEO and co-founder, Klavdij Starman, used his knowledge and experience in machine learning and enterprise software to develop continuous learning with the team on a minimal data set. “Using feedback loops, numerical methods, machine learning, and smart scoring techniques, we were able to create a service that does not need any special annotations or complex creation of feature vectors. Our AI is orientated towards you – you can pre-learn it with data from your existing database of any kind. Therefore you can effortlessly achieve impressive results from day one. Our algorithm also allows you to continuously learn your extraction algorithm from values confirmed by users during their standard workflow. All you need to know is how to use a single API call.”

On a mission to transform the data extraction process with an AI OCR API for all documents

Klavdij explains that the Typless vision is to be an API first AI OCR data extraction company, offering the world an easy to use and accurate document data extraction platform. “We first started to work with end clients in the accounting field. Today we are serving hundreds of customers daily, helping them successfully solve the problem of manual data entry. At this stage, we can offer the technology as self-served API to help developers to integrate OCR solutions easier. Invoicing is a very demanding use case to start with. Companies lose a lot of time with manual data entry of invoices. Time that could be spent on more productive tasks. That is why we developed an accurate and easy to use solution Typless. Now that we successfully developed a reliable invoice data extraction solution, our next step is to use this technology to extract data from all documents, regardless of their structure. We are primarily here to support software system companies in helping their clients reduce the time and costs of manual data entry.”

You are welcome to visit and take the technology for a spin. It will take less than 5 minutes to extract data from your invoice or you can use our sample invoices if you prefer that. Leave data extraction to artificial intelligence so you can focus on work that has much higher value-added.

The Future is Typless!

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