Customer stories

Companies of different sizes and fields are using Typless invoice OCR to improve their products. From accounting firms to ERP and DMS software providers, they all recognized added value for their business.

Birokrat - Slovenian ERP and DMS
Unija - Smart accounting
iCenter - ERP and DMS
Minimax - cloud ERP and DMS
Pantheon - ERP and DMS
E-Računi - cloud ERP and DMS

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Unija - Smart accounting

The largest Slovenian accounting firm

Unija d.d. set up the Smart Accounting program for their customers with the help of Typless invoice OCR. It helped them to automate invoice receiving and data extraction from those invoices. It allows them to provide near real time reporting to their customers. It also saves a lot of time on data entry. Therefore, they are able to provide better services to their clients while accountants can focus on tasks with more added value.

ERP & DMS provider in southeastern Europe

Datalab d.d., one of the leading ERP and DMS providers for SME in southeastern Europe, use Typless invoice OCR API in their ERP Pantheon to provide an automated bookkeeping solution. Typless is used to extract data from scanned or PDF invoices. Extracted values are further used in the process of automated bookkeeping which allows their customers to work more efficiently. Their clients can use less resources to provide bookkeeping services and are therefore able to focus on more productive tasks.

Datalab - Pantheon ERP

ERP & DMS provider in southeastern Europe

E-Računi cloud ERP

Cloud ERP provider

At E-RAČUNI d.o.o., they integrated Typless invoice OCR API into a received invoice inbox module in their ERP. The user can scan the invoice and send it to the inbox. They can also request their suppliers to receive their invoices into the inbox module directly via email. After the invoices or receipts are received in the inbox, they are automatically sent to Typless invoice data extraction. Values from extraction are filled into the received invoices module form where they can be used for payment, bookkeeping or both. The time to process an invoice end-to-end is therefore significantly reduced.