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Image of puzzles placed like brain, representing Intelligent Document Processing

Typless 3rd Generation

AI Document Classification
AI Data Extraction
Integration with IT Systems
Email Process Automation
Automated ML Training

How does Typless work?


Typless IDP accepts any image format:







Input stage of Intelligent Document Processing

Orientation Correction

Noise Reduction

Skew Correction

Image Enhancement

Pre-Process Stage of Intelligent Document Processing.
Data Classification

The process of text and object-based classification involves the systematic categorization and organization of information, whereas both textual content and visual elements are carefully analyzed.

There's a magnifier on the photo placed above the invoice representing Data Classification Stage of our Intelligent Document Processing software.
Data extraction




Natural Language


Printed text

There are letters and number on the photo, all falling into Typless funnel, which exports Data into different format , which can be used in other IT Systems.
Data Export




Webhook integration

The image shows 4 arrows that go out of Typless Intelligent Document Processing logo, representing four different options to export extracted data from our software.

Typless IDP Use Cases


If you need a reliable partner for invoice data identification and classification of invoice data, search no more! In addition to metadata, Typless also recognises line-items.

Purchase Orders

The benefits of robust data extraction from purchase orders extend beyond mere efficiency, because it provides valuable insights and analytics that can help organizations make informed decisions.

Shipping & Receiving Documents

Typless simplifies the processing of shipment information from documents such as packing slips, bills of lading, and delivery receipts. This saves time and reduces costly shipping errors.

Insurance Claims

Automating data extraction can help insurance companies process claims faster, improve customer experience, and speed up payouts by extracting policyholder info, incident descriptions, dates, damage assessments, medical reports, and more.

Loan applications

The extraction of loan data yields valuable insights for financial institutions, enabling them to make informed lending decisions and customize loan products. Consequently, both lenders and borrowers benefit, experiencing better loan outcomes.


Efficiently extracting data from contracts saves time and resources, offering valuable insights into contractual relationships. Additionally, analysing contract data reveals trends, risks, and ensures compliance, preventing disputes and losses.

Features that come with Typless IDP

Accuracy of Intelligent Document Processing

Typless IDP has great accuracy in recognizing data and the more you use it, the better it gets.

Connectivity of our Intelligent Document Processing with different softwares.

Typless works with all systems, seamlessly integrating with ERPs, DMS, and other software.


Typless is self-learning Intelligent Document Processing software with cutting-edge AI algorithms for accurate data recognition. It's powerful, intuitive, and streamlines your data processing needs.

An image of brain connected like digital nevrons, representing learnability of Intelligent Document Processing.
There's a globe on the image, representing multilinguality in our Intelligent Document Processing Software.

Our Intelligent Document Processing software recognises all European languages in Roman script, making communication seamless and worry-free.

Theres an arrow going form small square into a bigger one, representing great scalability of our Intelligent Document Processing Software.


Typless IDP is designed to be flexible and scales with you. Whether you're working with 10 documents or 10,000,000 per month, we've got you covered. So sit back and relax - with Typless, anything is possible.

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Welcome to the Future Typless

An image of four people building some gears, metaphorically representing we use different top-notch technologies so we can provide the best experience of using IDP for our customers.

We use advanced technologies such as Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models, and other advanced tools to deliver great results to clients.

Elevate your data game with Typless

Forget about unnecessary email replies!

Typless can help manage tedious email follow-ups for received documents. Our team can make your life a little easier by taking on administrative work, allowing you to focus on more important tasks that demand your attention. Let’s work together to make things better!

An open book, representing Large Language Models, which is crucial part of our Intelligent Document Processing Software.

Large Language Models

Experience the future of document processing with the unparalleled capabilities of large language models. Moreover, our cutting-edge AI technology, powered by these advanced models, transforms the way you handle documents. Embrace the power of large language models and elevate your document processing game today.

Nevrons growing like a tree, representing incremental learning.

Incremental learning

Incremental Learning, a revolutionary approach in IDP, enables your system to continuously adapt and improve. This happens as it processes more documents, learning from each human interaction during a validation process. Consequently, Typless becomes smarter and more accurate over time.

Skewed documents, representing our solution that can correct such errors.

Skewed or rotated Documents?
No problem!

Skewed and rotated images and documents are not a problem anymore. Give us any document, we can handle it. 

A calendar with the globe in the front, representing universal date format, which our solution can convert to.

Universal Date Format

Regardless of the appearance of data on your document, Typless recognizes it and transforms it into a universal date format (YYYY/MM/DD).

a thread representing unstructured data passed over a knitting needle, which converts the thread into a structured form. This represents another feature that our programme has, namely that it is able to convert unstructured data into structured data with the help of AI.

Unstructured data processing

Whether you have structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, we’ve got you covered with our Intelligent Document Processing Software. It’s as simple as that!

Intelligent Document Processing
to your enterprise

Typless for Enterprise helps companies securely manage, recognize, and finally organize documents at scale.
An image of a handshake, representing our availability for custom Integration and development with other companies. In the background there are gears with leaves, because collaboration with us is also environmentally friendly - we help you reduce the number of physical documents and volume of paper in your company.

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What kind of documents would you like to extract?
Approximately how many documents would you like to extract monthly?
Could you tell us a little about yourself?
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